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No matter how rich your country is, people are never tired of making money or becoming millionaires. Even Switzerland which ranks as one of the world’s richest countries has people who dream of becoming millionaires overnight. This is why the Swiss Lotto is highly rated and popular in Switzerland and the world at large. The Swiss Lotto which had made more than 500 millionaires at home and abroad by 2009 was launched on the 10th of January 1970 by the Loterie Romande and the SwissLos as a 6/40 game. It was later changed to a 6/45 matrix game on the 1st of April 1986.

The Loto Suisse as is sometimes referred offered in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland by the SwissLos and in the French speaking regions by the Loterie Romande. Initially Draws were initially held only on Saturdays but draws on Wednesdays were introduced on the 8th of January 1997. With the funds generated from the lottery over the years, the Swiss Lotto has funded over 12,000 projects in areas related to culture, environment, social issues, and sports amongst others.

How to Play the Swiss Lotto

]The Swiss Lotto ranks amongst the top lotteries in the world. What makes it popular is the fact that unlike some lotteries that require the player to be in a particular geographical location to play, the Swiss Lotto can be played online by anyone in any part of the world thus making it fun and amazing.

This lottery like many other lotteries uses the two-drum method wherein balls are drawn from two different boxes, one holding the winning balls and the other holding the bonus ball of the Lucky Number. This game uses the 6/42 = 1/6 double matrix. This means that during a draw, six balls are first picked from the first ball which constitute the lottery’s main winning numbers before an additional ball known in the Swiss Lotto as the Glückszahl or Lucky Number is drawn from a drum of six. The main numbers range from 1 to 42 while the lucky number ranges from 1 to 6.

Players who wish to play the Swiss Lotto simply need to look for a Certified and trusted lottery website such as the Swiss Los website or the Lotter and select first their six main numbers between 1 and 49 before selecting their lucky number from 1 to 6. Each standard entry in the Swiss Lotto gives the player the chance to enter a minimum of 2 lines which will cost CHF 2.50 per line. So, the more lines a player enters, the more the cost of his or her ticket and the more the chances of winning.

Quick Tip

As an alternative to players picking their numbers themselves, players can also choose to allow the system pick random numbers for them. This method is especially useful for those players who are still new to the game or players who are in a hurry to pick their numbers. This method of play is known as the Quick Tip

The Joker

This is an add-on which helps players increase their win when playing the Swiss Lotto. With this option, a separate six-digit number will be printed on the players ticket alongside the main numbers and the lucky number. This six-digit number on your ticket known as the “Joker number” is matched with the Joker number drawn. If the joker number on your ticket matches two or more of the last digits of the joker number drawn, then you will win a prize. Should you match all the digits of the joker number, you become the winner of the jackpot. This add-on feature van be played by adding CHF 2.00 to the cost of your ticket and marking the “Joker” box. The Joker number is drawn after the main lottery numbers and the lucky number are drawn.


The Swiss Lotto Replay is another game that is played side by side with the Swiss Lotto. This additional game is free and is automatically played once you take part in the Swiss Lotto main draw.

]There exists a separate number on the Swiss Lotto ticket which is from 1 to 13. That number is referred to as the Replay number. Each week, the Replay number is drawn twice after the other numbers – the main numbers, lucky number and joker number, have been drawn. Should the replay number on the player’s ticket match the number drawn, the player automatically earns a free Quick tip entry. This draw is extremely free of charge and is given to players who play a standard Swiss Lotto game.

At first, only those who were currently residing in Switzerland were allowed to play the Swiss lottery especially as tickets had to be bought from authorized lottery retailers within Switzerland. Today, however, the situation has changed. People from different parts of the world can participate in the lottery by purchasing their tickets online from online lottery companies such as The Lotter. This is what has made the Swiss Lotto gain popularity as players from different parts of the world can play the lottery easily and comfortably via these online lottery companies. Players, however, need to be at least 18 years to purchase a Swiss Lotto ticket.


The draw of the Swiss Lotto is drawn twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:00 PM and 5:00 PM respectively. Alternatively, results can be viewed online via online lottery websites such as the Lotter or Swiss Los official website.

The first prize of the Swiss Lotto is won when a player matches the six main numbers plus the one lucky number. The second prize is won when a player matches the six main numbers without matching the lucky number. The 3rd, 5th and 7th prizes are won by matching 5, 4 or 3 main balls plus the lucky number respectively while prizes 4, 6 and 8 are won by matching 5, 4, or 3 main numbers. Prize amounts are based on the amount of funds generated by the lottery. The jackpot is won when a player matches all six digits of the Joker Number.

Currently, the jackpot amount stands at CHF 3 million which can be won by simply going online and purchasing a ticket from any one of the certified and most trusted lottery websites.